Financial Management

Financial Management

A trusted financial adviser that is completely independent and objective.  I do not sell financial products or take commissions on referrals.  I am an adviser that always puts your best interest first, whether that is fulfilling your philanthropic dreams, preserving your capital or positioning yourself for future growth.  By relieving you of mundane tasks of keeping your personal and business finances in order, you will have additional time, piece of mind and freedom to do what you are good at and enjoy life more. Your life and finances will be perfectly balanced leaving you financially stress free.

I provide the following services:


  • Bill pay
  • Cash flow management and budgeting
  • Bank financing analysis and negotiations
  • Personal financial statements
  • Insurance coordination and analysis
  • Record keeping for personal property
  • Investment accounting aggregation, reconciliation and analysis
  • Major asset purchasing and financing support
  • Philanthropy coordination
  • Tax and income plan design and implementation

Lifestyle Enhancements:

  • Domestic help and payroll
  • Tax compliance
  • Private foundation bookkeeping
  • Property management
  • Private travel management
  • Concierge services

Wealth Transfer & Trusteeship Services:

  • Development of objectives
  • Tax strategies and compliance
  • Trust advisor
  • Beneficiary education and mentoring
  • Estate administration

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